Our company.

The Business

Spritfabrikken Danmark ApS distributes wine & spirits. We have previosly operated under the name Hela Wine & Spirits ApS.

The Company

Spritfabrikken Danmark ApS (ApS is a Danish limited liability company) is registered under company ID 10269776 at Danish Business Authority.

Our VAT number is DK10269776.

Our excise numbers (SEED) are:

Our GLN is 5790000715220.

We are inspected by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The latest results are here.

We are authorised by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to sell organic products. See List of food companies etc. covered by "organic inspection".

HUWA Holding Group

Spritfabrikken Danmark ApS is a wholly owned subsidiary of HUWA Holding ApS and part of the HUWA Holding Group.

HUWA Holding Group

The companies in the HUWA Holding group are:

  • HUWA Holding ApS owns the shares of the other companies in the group and invests the groups excess liquidity.
  • Spritfabrikken Danmark ApS is the distribution company in the group.
  • Premium Production ApS is the production company in the group. The company's only customer is Spritfabrikken Danmark ApS.
  • HUWA Design & Trademarks ApS invents new spirits, creates brands and owns all rights to the group's brands. The company receives royalties.
  • HUWA Ejendomme ApS owns real estate. Some of the real estate is leased to the other companies in the group.